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March 07, 2012


David White

Prairie Fire Oven - Mobile Wood-Fired Food. Open since last year and more of an open air experience vs. a traditional food truck. Website and press can be found at: http://www.pfoven.com


There are a bunch of less yuppified ones over her in El Eastside. I'll try to get you a list..

And here's a good 4-part series on taco trucks in Houston.



Curbside had sold their truck...


This is a great list, thanks for compiling! Glad to hear things are really going strong here in KC look forward to good eats!


Who exactly is yuppified?

William Coleman

Southern Thyme, Food with Attitude. Southern comfort food Heat and Spice 3/23/2012 www.southernthyme.net


Check out the KCFoodTrucks Facebook!

Freight Bill Factoring

This is an excellent record, thanks for compiling! Grateful to listen to factors are really going powerful here in KC look ahead to excellent eats!


Great article. And thank you for all that you've done for KC's food trucks. Now we need a mobile phone app that tracks them.


Thanks for the list. I'm putting together a Twitter list of the KC food trucks for the folks who shun FB. https://twitter.com/#!/nosilver/food-trucks-kc

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