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February 03, 2011


Susan Welsh

Funny, I was thinking the same thing/ person ( Stretch) as I was reading you article. I do not know the man personally but I think he would be jazzed to help start this revolution. I bet he could even help find area to "park" the food trucks. So I second your motion, if noone else has. I know Stretch isn't to buy for this- Ha!

Michelle Ferguson

This would be FANTASTIC. I think we're ready for a food-truck trailer park. Maybe start small and once the buzz gets going stand back and watch it grow!


I love this post. I am so obsessed with food trucks and had no idea that KC had so many. Thanks for the info!


Loving the food truck revolution.

william colemam

Coming in July "Southern Thyme" Food truck,
comfort food with a kick. right now the truck is being put together then in June it goes to the paint shop then were ready.
See ya all then. Bill southernthyme.net


I, like Kristen, am obsessed with the food truck revolution. They bring a bit of 'California' to KC.

Greg Haught

I kept seeing bits and pieces about food trucks in KC and now I finally have the scoop. Thank you for this awesome post!

Paula Sayles

Found your awesome food blog when I Googled GoodYou. My husband and I are thrilled to hear that you are such a supporter of mobile kitchens and concessions. We are in the infant stages of creating a food concession business of our own. LOVE your idea for the mobile kitchen park! Maybe it's time for a KC Street Food Association where food truckers can put their heads together for the common good of the Street Food scene. Thanks for this informative, inspiring and enthusiastic post!

Negosyo franchise

The food truck business is a real great thing. I don't see what's bad in great diverse tastes, low cost food and great people. I sure prefer it over any fast food restaurant in the local mall. I really lobe to try on this kind of business. Keep posting!


Craig shannon

Try Las Hermanas...under the bridge across from Ponaks....great tacos.

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