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November 16, 2009



Joe Zwillenberg is a douche bag! Hero, what a joke!


Hey friend, what's your beef with Joe?

Harold Smith

I grew up just outside of South Omaha, which also had a very large stockyard and meat packing district, probably a little smaller than KCs. It was still in full swing when I was a child. Whenever someone would complain of the smell one of my parents would chime in, "Smells like money."

With the advent of boxed beef, slaughtering the cattle closer to the feedlots and union busting by the large old-line meat companies the stockyards everywhere were becoming history. The 1951 KC flood just hurried it along here.

I heartily agree with your Grandmother, a good steak doesn’t need much help. I think the same about properly smoked meats also; BBQ sauces used as most people use them detract from the experience.

Those flavorful cuts of meat that the poor folks used to thrive on like flank, hanger, skirt are now getting pricey, just when I've learned to turn them into a dish I can be proud to serve. *sigh*

Never have had the opportunity to learn how to butcher a cow, but I’m rarin’ to go Sunday with that pig.

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