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October 18, 2009



what about cosentino's downtown?


Yep, she said that Paul does the buying for both locations, but I believe I understood her to say he spends the majority of his time at the Brookside location. It's still the same fish at the Cosentino's Downtown as the one in Brookside.


thanks for the clarification.

i love your blog by the way.


These guys might ship..Just slip them your credit card number.


Thanks for this! I've been searching for a good fish monger, too. I know that Whole Foods gets their fish in every day [except Sunday], but who knows how long it's been sitting on the truck...? I've only had one bad fish experience there...got some shrimpys that were rancid.

I'm excited to head over to Costentino's in Brookside to pick up some black mussels!


I would have to say that Whole Foods has been my choice for seafood since I moved here from Florida last December. They have the widest selection and will always bring in fresh sardines for me when I ask. It is also the busiest fish counter in town. I don't think i want to buy fish from a place that doesnt stay busy. Consentino's is nice too plus its a local business which im always happy to support.


For fresh shrimp go to Mad Jacks in KCK. Crazy little shack that has the best fried shrimp and fish in the city. 7.99 for a lb fried with two sides. Great deals to take home too.


GREAT article! Thank you so much!

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thanks for sharing this. i have to say that Whole Foods has been my choice for seafood

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