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September 27, 2009



Ever try googling no-knead bread? It was the rage about 3 or 4 years ago from the New York.
I used to make it in my restaurant back in 2004


Hi Ray,

No, I suck so bad at baking it never would have occurred to me to look for bread recipes, even the easy ones. Obviously, I gave up too soon. ;-)

Thanks for the great link to the NYT article. Good to know where the really good ideas come from.

Man, I wish I would have made it in to eat at your place. You were way ahead of your time, my friend.

Aunt Becky

Yeah, Cook's Illustrated (Jan/Feb 2008) mentioned the Nov 2006 NY Times recipe and credits the Times writer and the fellow who created the original recipe. In typical CI style, they modified a bit and listed a few variations, e.g., adding some whole wheat flour, rosemary, etc.

Wedding Photographer

ha ha i wish i could cook

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