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July 19, 2009


Boozefish Wine Bar

Love the read on all the info in KC...especially the idea of Crepes in KC. Wanted to let you know that Boozefish has Brunch on Saturdays now from 10am to 2pm & we serve sweet & savory crepes, quiche, salmon lox, & other wonderful things.

We will also serve crepes throughout the week & the guests request.

Come Check Us Out!


if you decide to pull together some taco trucks, be sure to call Poco's. Their restaurant is closed, but they have their truck out on the streets every day and at events. The tacos are great!

Jenny V.

Hi Mary,

I knew Poco's had sadly closed, but I wasn't sure about the food truck they have. I will definately put them on the list to contact. Many, many thanks for the great tip. JV

Brandon O'Dell

I've been saying the same thing about food carts to my wife. With the resurgence of downtown Kansas City, I think there is ample opportunity for someone to make a killing putting one or two great foods on a cart and selling them downtown during lunch and on the weekends. If my own home chef service wasn't so busy, I'd do it myself.


wow. looking at this list in March 2011... looks like you nailed almost all of them! well done. i was directed to your blog by a customer of mine. i made that bacon shirt you show at the top. i'm in austin... how did it get to KC?


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