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December 30, 2008



This was a fun read, thanks! It will be interesting to see how KC reacts to these trends. For instance we had a bona fide Noodle shop near UMKC that was really good, but closed in less than a year. I hope those folks manage to give it another go somewhere. That being said, there are lots of places to get good Asian style noodles. And yes, enough with the chopstick phobia already! I'm also tired of having to ask for them.

I lived in Portland, Maine for a Summer in the early 90's and even then it was a good food town. It had fantastic seafood (of course), a pretty progressive populace, some local breweries and lots of culture. You could tell it was headed for great things.

As for the lone reviewer versus the wisdom of crowds? I totally agree. For this reason I have tried to avoid dubbing myself a "reviewer" or a "food critic."

Jenny Vergara

Hey DLC,

That photo in my post of the bowl of Noodles is from that noodle shop that sadly closed . . .because somewhere between their Japanese pickled veggie plate and their awesome noodle bowls - they were the best place in KC to get noodles.

Your blog is one of my favorites to read. I applaud you and your hard work to remind us all of the fantastic lunch places there are in KC at http://www.kclunchspots.com.

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