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August 31, 2008


Eddie Crane

Wow! Thanks!


Great piece! Not something the KC Star is going to produce. Very fun to read and informative.

By the way, I swear that Chez Charlie's has a Twilight Zone door. When you walk in you could honestly say that the place you just stepped into was not what you were expecting. Last time I was there, I walked out and was stunned that I was still on Broadway. Of course, the 2 liters of beer I had drank may have had something to do with that effect.

Tommy Farha

Hi Jenny,

We have martini glasses now sweetheart. Uncle tommy will buy your first one. It was just a busy day. We appreciate your interest in our bar. I would like to show you Sea World and no we don't say AIN'T. Give us another chance. The Waldo Mayor can be seen here daily. We would love to have you and your hot friends come in on September 20th for our inaugural ball for the new Waldo Mayor. Let us know so we are prepared for you and your gang!! Thanks!! Tommy's

Jenny V.

Hi Tommy Farha fans - I hope I did not offend, sounds like you and your crew have a good sense of humor. I like that. I really did think the way the entire bar was glued to American Idol and how we were all participating in a group discussion was super cool and spoke volumes about your loyal neighhood crowd. I lived in Waldo when I first moved to KC, does it really have a Mayor or are you just pulling my leg?

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