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June 03, 2008


Bull E. Vard

Thanks for giving me my dining guide for the next month. Can't wait to try the pork tenderloin sandwich.


bad news-vingh hoa seems to be closed

Jenny V.

Hi Meesha,

I heard that over the weekend. I am saddened by the closing of Vinh Hoa as I thought they had the best Bah Minh sandwiches in KC, but honestly when I was writing my recommendation for them for Tastebud Magazine several months ago, I had been told by several people in the Vietnamese community that he was about to close then . . .so I am glad he held on this long. I think he needs a Bah Minh cart that he would take all over the city selling his famous sandwiches. I know I would buy them!


Hi there, I am a fellow KC food blogger who is also putting together a review for The Pizza Man. I saw your review on Urban Spoon and just wanted to see what you had to say. I am glad to find other people who feel the same way about this place as I do!

Nice to meet you!


Hi Emily,

Pizza Man is the bomb. I used to live out in Lenexa and hit him up every chance I got. Nobody knows he is out there, or how good he really is . .except the people who are "in the know" like you. Nice to meet you too.

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