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June 22, 2008



I attended last year's bartending competition too and it was indeed a pretty good time, except for the drinks in plastic cups. Didn't seem right somehow.

I'll tell my friend from potpie that you enjoyed his outfit and antics.

Jenny V.

Hey, my friend, there you are! I've been reading your blog religiously . . .it's one of my favorites, but it won't let me post a comment to you because you use Blogger and I use Typepad. Sigh! How sad to let a little thing like technology keep foodie friends from supporting each other! So, I totally agree with you on the plastic cups on the drinks at the bartending contest. The Uptown is who supplied the drinks at this event and honestly, I kinda expected to be able to taste some of the cocktails they were competing with, didn't you? Seemed silly to sit and drink cheap wine while all of those delicious cocktails were on display. As for your friend at Potpie, I did go in to his restaurant to sit at his bar and have him make me that cocktail, so I could try it. It was tasty.


The drink service at the cash bar is an issue that I also agree could be improved upon. Unfortunately, it's an overwhelming challenge to recreate the finalists drinks behind the cash bar for 400+ patrons. However, this year we will add more bartenders to speed up service and Doug and I are working on a way to improve the quality of those drinks served as well. Thanks for everyone's support! Hope to see you there this year!

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