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April 13, 2008



I participated in a CSA a couple of years ago and quit mid-season. I wanted the produce I like,but they were heavy on 20 kind of lettuce and you may get few tomatoes if you were lucky. I thought that considering the content of my weekly ration I was grossly overpaying for the stuff I didn't care for. I really didn't care about the organic practices, I just wanted something fresh,local and tasty. I guess I had my fill of lettuce and edible flowers.
On the other note: you need to promote your blog better, you could be the next amateur gourmet but if no-one knows about you no one will read. Leave some comments around.Good luck

Bull E. Vard

While I agree that eating locally grown food is more fresh and generally better tasting. However, I do enjoy the variety that the global community brings to the table and disagree with the notion that eating locally is good for the environment.

You can read more from the shared items on the left hand side of my blog (I would use links but wasn't allowed).

I'm sure you're aware, but a good use of Sam's or Costco would be to buy Alice Walters' cookbook from them. I highly recommend the sauteed cauliflower.

Jenny V.

So, it will be interesting to see what my point of view is at the end of this year on CSA's and local eating. If eating food in season, fresh from the farm that is locally grown does taste better then that shipped in from global markets . . .then I might be willing to compromise my variety options for fresh better tasting food. Thank you both for educating me on all of your experiences and opinions, I welcome them as I head down my path. Funny you should say that about buying Alice Water's cookbook at Costco . . .that is exactly what I did at the end of last year. I will try the sauteed cauliflower.

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