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February 17, 2008



I missed the part where you peel the beets. Did you? Normally after roasting the skin comes off.I know and enjoy all kinds of beet recipes, salads and even borscht.I have a picture on my blog but I am too lazy to look for it now.
The best way to enjoy your own party is to serve all of your food at once.

Jenny V.

No peeling of beets necessary in this recipe, it just softens with the olive oil in the oven and when you slice them it just adds to the rustic appeal . . .no pun intended. Good advice about serving the food all at once . . .my issue is my dining room table was only big enough for the people sitting at it with no room to serve the food family style. I did do a couple of courses buffet style in my kitchen, but that always feel like a chow line at Cookie's camp out to me.

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