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February 02, 2008



hate menus with 66 types of anything,I go to the restaurant because I am hungry,not because I like to read.

Jenny V.

Yes, I agree. It was overwhelming to see 66 types of omelets . . .you see the list and your eyes glaze over and then you end up ordering the weirdest combo just to see . . .if they will really make it for you, and if you will really eat it when they do. I mean think how lame it would be to see 66 omelet options and then order something boring like ham and cheese.


Just came across Tastebud today at lunch-I read this column over a sandwich. Good work!


It's somewhat disappointing to see you failed to include Blue Koi, especially since you mentioned Po's. While Po's is good, Blue Koi is miles better.

Jenny V.

Yes, 39th street is lucky to have so many good places and Blue Koi is good. I think they do a great job with their dumplings . . .but have not found the entrees to as good. Every time I go and get dumplings to start and something else for an entree, I am always left thinking their dumplings are better than anything else on their menu. And the fact that you can pick your filling and the method of preparation is also a big plus for them in my book.

Po's also has good dumplings and entrees . . .and the owner/service is friendly and accommodating. I have not always found that to be the case at Blue Koi.

One thing is clear, there are many excellent places to eat on 39th street. They don't call it "restaurant row" for nothing.

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