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January 08, 2008



Hello, following here from TKC, I love me some local food blogs. If you want to popularize your blog (and you should because it's very good) you need to comment on other blogs, that's the only way to spread the word. And on the unrelated note, I turned my whole office onto eating French Sandwiches from Vingh Hoa. That's the best three dollar sandwich ever.

Jenny V.

Meesha V. - excellent advice about posting on other people's blogs . . .a thought this newbie Foodie had not realized was so very important until TODAY! Turning an entire office onto Vinh Hoa sandwiches is no small Foodie feat, my friend, I am sure David the owner gives thanks for people like us keeping the good word out there. I always call ahead and take mine to go . . .rarely do I see people dining in. Must be the escaped from the Mexican Denny's feel of the place.

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