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January 04, 2008



Just ate at Pizza Bella. In fact, I'm still sitting here writing this up. (Thanks Key Construction for the free WiFi!)
Good pizza. The Prosciutto pizza was my choice as suggested above. It was $12. Worth it. The crust/dough was the perfect texture and was only slightly detracted by the overuse of corn meal on the crust bottom. Obviously this is needed for a true wood-fired oven but it was a little too much here.

The decor was very cool. I really enjoyed thinking that this is what the 1970's intended when it kicked off wood paneling as a theme.

It was about 1/5 full at 2:30pm. A good crowd considering the area and time of day.

Anyway, I also had a Stella to drink and the Tiramisu for desert. The Tiramisu was very tasty although I expected a little more espresso flavor.

Good service from Smak (according to the bill).



Love this quote: "purchased from a local woman which he dipped into honey"

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