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January 15, 2008



Hey Jenny ~ CONGRATS on being noticed in the world-of-the-foodies!! I am quite proud of you my hometown friend, glad we have recently been able to reconnect. I am going to try out your roasted chicken recipe, sounds scrumptious and will have to share your new found wine choice with a few of my friends here that I often kick back and enjoy a good glass of wine with! Good luck my foodie friend in growing your passion!


As I sat here today and brewed a couple batches of beer, I had some time with the laptop that I wasn't doing work (yay!) and got a chance to get caught up on my favorite foodie blog. Much to my surprise I found myself referred to as "a darling creature", oh jenny, you shouldn't have..... but since you did, not only did you score you and the hubby some homebrew when these batches are ready, but I am prepared to reveal where I acquired the Louis Tete (also my fave Beaujolais Nouveau every year). I pick it up pretty much annually at the Lukas Liquors Superstore out at 135th and State Line, although I'm sure the 119th and Metcalf location has it as well. I find that it goes very well with a whole host of foods, and since it comes out the third week of November every year, it is a wonderful pairing to Thanksgiving dinner. So walk, no run, to Lukas and pick up some more of the wonder wine that costs only $9, last I checked. Thanks again for the mention, and keep up the wonderful work here at makingafoodie.com.
See ya soon,
P.S. If you ever want an apprentice restaurant reviewer to tag along, I'm in. :-)

Jenny V.


You darling creature . . .I had not guessed correctly as to who brought me that lovely wine. So good to know it came from a good friend and a man of good taste. Homebrew from you is also sadly gone, and my Homeboy would love some more once you have a fresh batch and can spare a few.

Putting on my jogging shoes now to head for Lukas, and with that price point I better hurry. Anything for a wine bargain like that one . . .I saved the bottle, so I could remember to look for it.

Just got back from San Francisco this week for a Foodie-gasm, we must talk and compare notes.


Yes, while it *is* a Riesling and some are so sweet they could double as syrup over ice cream, the Relax is very drinkable under many circumstances and pairs exquisitely with Thai or Mexican food. We always have a bottle or two on hand. Lucky for you we brought one of our bottles to your party - at least I think that was us.

BTW - Relax has a lower alcohol content (9 percent compared to the usual 14 or so) so have two bottles next time. ; )

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