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August 08, 2007


Katherine Yates

Have you ever done this recipe below with fresh cut up strawberries soaked in Brandy? How long is the shelf life? Really tasty, sweet, strawberries are so good right now, I'm wondering if I can add sugar and brandy, put in a tightly sealed jar and give them out as Christmas presents. Please let me know if you've experimented with this and if the strawberries still taste fresh and do not discolor. Thank you.

Fruit Soaked in Liquor

Sweet Cherries in Port
4 cups (almost a full bottle) of your favorite drinkable Port
1 lb. of sweet cherries washed with stems removed
4 1-quart canning jars with screw top lid or a large buckle jar

Wash your jar with soap and water and dry completely. Then add your cherries into the jar almost half full to ¾ full to the top. Then pour your port wine over the top and place the lid on it tightly. Store in a cupboard for about 4-6 months, shaking the jar once a week.

When ready to enjoy, eat the cherries and drink the port.

NOTE: Can also be made with brandy, if making with brandy you will need to add 2/3 cup sugar to your jar.


How long will the cherries keep with just pouring the port over? I like that it's not a sugar syrup but want to give them as gifts for the holidays and them being able to keep them a few months.


Debra, I have made these port cherries and kept them for over 6 months just sitting on my counter top. So, I think you should be fine. The fruit continues to soak in the liquor so they just get better and better and stronger and stronger with time.

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