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July 28, 2007



I have lived in OKC for nearly a year now, and have been intrigued each and every time I've driven past the location. This past week, I had my first Fulton fried pie - coconut cream. It was quite good!

I might also add that there are a few other wonderful little places right in that same area - Coit's Drive in and the delicious overstuffed homemade and authentic Mexican burritos served at the nearby Shamrock gas station.

Jenny V.

What a great little tidit . . .so you went to the one on NW 50th in OKC? I absolutely love coconut cream pie, and if you say it was good, I am going! Can you tell me where the Shamrock gas station is located? Authentic burritos in OKC is something I have yet to experience!

I am going to be coming home for Thanksgiving, and plan to make my own roadtrip . . .hopefully with my Dad in tow to Fulton's for fried pies but I would love to take him to Coit's or to the Shamrock station for burritos.

As a side note, I am also on this trip going to visit the Soda pop place on Route 66. My Dad loves to talk about soda's from the past and I think he would love this place, do you know anything about it? Looks really cool . . .let's hope it is worth the trip.

Thanks for posting! JV


Hey,(Setting the Record Straight) I just happened to be surffing and ran into this? I happen to know the owner of the OKC City location
1. 3721 NW 50th it is now called The Original Fried Pie Place and has been for 5years.
2.The (owner) Christy Bodine-Black Daughter of Steve and Cheryl Bodine is not related to Nancy Fulton...
3.(Nancy Fulton or JC Fulton have not ever owned the OKC City store These are indivially owned companys...
4.OKC city has been in bussines for 10 years straight... This can not be said for the other company's...

Thank you, Hope you will fix...
sorry about the spelling just thought you should know the facts

Jenny V.

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for the information about the OKC location being called The Original Fried Pie Place and the owner being Christy Bodine-Black . . .who is not related the the The Fulton family. I really appreciate having the correct information.

The good news is the place in OKC is open, and has been there for 10 years, and still makes terrific fried pies. I am going to make it to OKC soon, and will make a point to stop in and try one for myself.

Many thanks! JV

deb mitchell

Our church youth group just got home from Falls Creek Baptist Incampment. We made a stop at The Fried Pie Shop off of I35. Oh my, Oh my! The pies were outstanding, the service, friendly and prompt. Our youth were starving after cleaning our cabin for 2 hours. Our choices were chocolate, blackberry, peach, apple, coconut, bacon & egg and apricot. Everyone was trying out each others and all of the youth were wolfing them down. Great place. On a star system the students all gave it ***** out of 5, and that is tough to get from picking teen-ages.

Jenny V.

Hi Deb,

I am so glad you found and stopped at the fried pie place and that you took the time to tell me about it. Thank You! Wow! You brought back some teenage memories for me mentioning Falls Creek Baptist Incampment. I was raised in Claremore, OK and my best girlfriend went to our local Baptist Church that took their youth group every year to Falls Creek. She always invited me to go with her even though I was raised Methodist. I have been to Falls Creek for church camp at least 3 times that I can recall. I have nice memories of that camp, and glad to know it is still there.

Gerald P.

I was looking for an online menu without luck so I went there today. I have copied their menu here.

The Original Fried Pie Place
3721 NW 50th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(405) 946-0881‎

Fruit Pies $2.75
___ Apple
___ Apricot
___ Peach
___ Pineapple
___ Cherry
___ Coconut Cream
___ Chocolate
___ Lemon
___ Vanilla

Sugar Free
___ Apricot
___ Apple
___ Peach
___ Pineapple
___ Cherry

Meat Pies $3.50
___ Bacon, Egg & Cheese
___ Sausage, Egg & Cheese
___ Polish Sausage, Potatoe & Cheese
___ Chicken & Vegetable
___ Broccoli & Chicken
___ Spinach, Mushroom & 3 Cheese
___ Tex-Mex
___ BBQ
___ Pizza

Occasional Specials
___ Cherry Cream
___ Peaches & Cream


The FRIED PIE Shoppe in Davis, OK at Exit 51 on I-35 has become my favorite pit stop when I'm traveling to/from Kansas. Just be sure to be there by 7 PM or you'll miss out on all those delicious fried pies! Apricot is my favorite, but I haven't sampled all the flavors yet. They are cheaper by the dozen, but since I always share with family/friends, they don't last very long! I ate the last one this morning and I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms. I found this link when I googled the name to find their other locations. Denison is the closest to me. Sounds like a nice Saturday drive!

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