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Faster, Stronger, Smarter, Better . . .I am a Foodie in the Making.


I was not lucky enough to be born into a Foodie family.

We were not into all natural or organic foods.
We did not care how our produce or meats were raised or where they came from.
We had no interest in gourmet foods or flavors.
We did not eat at new, trendy or expensive restaurants.
We did not want to see and be seen.
We had zero interest in . . .palate for . . .or access to ethnically diverse cuisines.
We ate meat and potatoes.
We had never heard of the Adkins diet, vegans or gluten-free eating.
We were never taught to use chop sticks.
Wouldn't dream of eating raw fish.
Didn't know what Harissa was or how to use it.
We couldn't pronouce the word "gyro" correctly.

However, we ate well and we had love, and that was enough.

I was different from the rest of my family, I wanted to go to different restaurants and try new things. I wanted to experience the world around me through food. I wanted to develop a more sophisticated palate. I wanted to become a Foodie in the Making.

My Mom and Dad used to say to me as a child: "We don't know where you inherited your palate from, but it certainly was not from either of us, Kiddo."

They were right, I wasn't born with it, but I am making it my mission, quest and passion to leave this world with a developed palate. A good one. A brave one. An adventuresome one. A passionate one. A sexy one.

I am going to know how to cook it, eat it, drink it and enjoy it. I am going to know how to pronounce it. I am going to teach my own children the way to becoming a whole person through the doctrine of Foodie-ism.

It is the legend and legacy that I want to leave behind me when I am gone.

Your food will always live on in the hearts and minds of those who you loved and who have tasted your love and passion in every bite.

I am a Foodie in the Making.


wine, restaurants, tattoos, cocktails, cooking, writing, photography, eating, astrology, finally a foodie, hand-blown glass, anything with sequins or beads, domestic and foreign travel, looking at the moon and the stars in the sky, being in the water. i want to learn to shoot a gun at a shooting range, i want to learn to balance the ph of my hot tub all by my big girl self, i want to learn how to grow terrific tomatoes in my own backyard, i want to learn to smoke a hookah pipe, i want to attend a real indian wedding ceremony, i want to attend a formal masquerade ball, i want to live somewhere outside the u.s. for a couple of years, i want to learn to speak a foreign language fluently, i want to experience my 15 minutes of fame for something i love to do.