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I used my summer in 2007 to travel to six different food festivals across the U.S. My goal was to see if it was truly possible get a "taste" of each city/state I visited. Afterall, these events are named "Taste of . . ."

Trust me, I was not out to judge anyone's culinary scene, I was trying to see if I could eat something that each city/state could call their own, and in this case I was trying to get a Taste of Chicago.

The Taste of Chicago was my first festival this summer, which was attended by over 3.5 million people and is considered the biggest food festival of its kind in the U.S.

Upon asking the locals what I should eat to "Taste Chicago," I was kindly pointed to and gladly ate the following Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza, Chicago-style Hot Dogs and Italian Beef Sandwiches.

This is not fancy food, this is food that came from the large immigrant population and workforce that flowed from the port into the Windy City. It is food that all Chicagoan's know and call their own. So, I ate it, and loved every minute of it.